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Door of Hope Babies Door of Hope Babies

Introduction to Door of Hope: Door of Hope started out rescueing abandoned babies in Johannesburg. They are mostly well known for their "hole in the wall" in Hillbrow. Cherryl Allen (founder) noticed that there was a crisis of unwanted babies being thrown away in the dustbins of Hillbrow. She started the "hole in the wall", which allowed mothers to place unwanted babies in the "Baby Bin" where they would be received with love and looked after.

Today, Door of Hope currently has 3 baby care houses.

The Crisis in South Africa with regards to orphaned and abandoned children: South Africa faces an orphan crisis whereby more children enter the need for adoption, than those who are adopted successfully.  Door of Hope has a vision to impact this unfortunate reality.
Their vision is to build multiple homes in their Children's Village in Eikenhof (Gauteng).  Each house built becomes a home for a group of 6-8 children with a house parent/s who then together become a family unit in that house, providing these precious orphans with shelter, food, education, family and love.

For more info about Door of Hope’s Children’s Village, visit or follow them on Social media.

Camp Zenith's Social Responsibility Project: Building a Childen's Home with Door of Hope

Digital Design of the House When we heard about Door of Hope's vision, our hearts were moved and we asked ourselves what can we do to help.

We at Camp Zenith decided to run a great mid-week promotion and through these mid-week camps, raise enough funds to pay for 1 of these amazing houses to be built.

For each camper who attends one of these mid-week camps, Camp Zenith will donate R10 per person per night to this amazing cause.

For a PDF printable version of our promotion CLICK HERE.

Our Progress to date.

Starting Date: 15 September 2017.
Target Estimated Funds From Future Booked Camps Raised Funds From Camp that have happened Total
Overal Project: Fund 1 Completed House To Be Built.
Estimated R600 000 R 4240 R 12960 R 17200
Phase 1: Foundation - Ground Prep, Foundation and Pouring the Slab.
Estimated R90000 R 4240 R 12960 R 17200

Last Updated: 05 December 2017

Be sure to check back as progress on amounts raised and pictures will be loaded to this page.