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There is that moment when a young life has that “Aha moment”. Some educational gem that has been deposited into them that you just know their life has been changed. Improved. Those are the moments that we get out of bed for each morning. Taking children and teens into the outdoors in an adventurous and fun environment, where we teach them life skills or outdoor education in an exciting and impacting way.

There is something special about taking children out the class room for a short time and in a fun environment equip them with some life skills. Sometimes, hearing the same morals taught in the classroom but taught outdoors in the wilderness by a person who they dont see everyday, helps the children to open up and to be receptive to the message. Many lessons are also taught though experiencial learning as well, and by debriefing games and activities one can often see a change as a young life discovers something new about themselves or about life.

School Camps Promotion

Human Fooseball Our motto of “Igniting change and promoting development” has never been more true than in this exciting promotion. We have structured this promotion to provide powerful, positive, educational outdoor experiences at a reduced cost whilst simultaneously impacting social responsibility.

We are offering a severely discounted accommodation rate for midweek school camps in the school term that are facilitated and catered for by Camp Zenith. Additionally, we pledge to donate R10 Per Camper Per Night to the below mentioned social responsibility project.

Number of Nights for Camp Percentage of Accommodation Discounted
1 Night Camp 25% Accommodation Discount
2 Nights Camp 50% Accommodation Discount
3 Nights Camp 75% Accommodation Discount
4 Nights Camp 100% Accommodation Discount

Types of Camps Offered

Each camp is unique and treated as such, but here is a list of examples of some of the camps that Zenith Adventures offer: Fun by the Poolside
  • Grade Camp : The whole grade goes away for a camp
  • Leadership Training Camps : Prefects or RCL go on camp and are taught how to lead
  • Leadership Identification Camps : This is for schools who need help identifying who are the leaders in the group
  • Teambuilding Camps : Perfect for sports teams or clubs that just want to have some time to bond and learn to work together
  • Life Skills Camps : Teaching various life skills on camp
  • Matric Study Camps : Need to break away to prepare for the exams? Let Camp Zenith be your venue for this
  • Teachers Teambuilding Camps or One Day outing : Helping teachers bond and work together better
  • Grade 7 Farewell Camps : A growing trend, after exams, a night or 2 away of sheer fun is the perfect send off
  • Outdoor Education Camps (Veldskool) : In the outdoors learning about the environment and going green
  • School Camps : For smaller schools, we can take the whole school away on camp
  • Multiprogramme Camps : Perfect for small schools, 2 or 3 grades can come on the same camp but have completely different programmes
  • Matric Dance Camps : Rather than running the risk of them drinking too much and driving, let them party till late and then sleep over.
  • Fun Day at Your School : We can also come to your school and run some activities there for a fun day on your own premisis.

Our Social Responsibility Project

Door of Hope has begun construction on their Children’s Village to provide loving homes for orphaned and abandoned children. Their vision is to build multiple houses, each with house parent/s leading a family of 6-8 children, providing them with shelter, food, education, family and love.

Fun by the PoolsideCamp Zenith through our school’s camps promotion, aims to fund the building of 1 of these homes.

For more info about Door of Hope’s Children’s Village, visit or follow them on Social media.

For a PDF printable version of our promotion CLICK HERE.

Our Progress to date can be followed on our Social Responsibility Page. Waterballs on pool

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