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How to Book

We believe in booking being as simple and client-friendly as possible. So instead of lengthy documents that take forever to fill and send back, our booking procedure is very simple:
1) We do a quote for you.
2) If you accept the quote, you sign the quote and send it back to us. This signed quote acts as a booking form confirming the services that Camp Zenith is to supply.
3) You pay your deposit and send us the proof of payment
4) You are now booked and should receive confirmation.

What We Need From You To Do A Quote For You

Camp Zenith Hall We simply need the following from you to do a quote for you:
  • Your Organisation's name
  • Your Name
  • Your email address
  • Your contact number
  • Your dates of your camp
  • What services you want (eg: breakfast, lunch, supper, facilitation, etc)
  • The name of the camp (eg: church camp, youth camp, grade 5 camp, etc)
  • Your Minimum Number - The minimum that you are committing to bring and pay for on camp
  • Your Maximum Number - The number of beds we must reserve

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Request A Quote

By filling out the below form we can send you a quote:

Your Organisation's Name:
Your Name:
Your Email Address:
Your Contact Number:
Start Date of Your Camp:
End Date of your Camp:
Services (Catered/Self-cater, facilitation):
Name of Your Camp (Eg:Youth Camp):
Minimum Number:
Maximum Number: