Camp Zenith Campsite - Accommodation

Rondavels at Camp Zenith

Valley View Campsite

Valley View Campsite consists of accommodation for up to 200 people. Most of the rooms have en suite bathrooms. There are 5 types of accommodation:
  • Rondavels - each sleeps different numbers but from 4-12 people with ensuite
  • Chalets - each sleeps 6 people with ensuite
  • House - each sleeps 10-14 people with en suite
  • Leaders Houses - Each sleeps 2 per room and has a lounge, bathroom and kitchen
  • Small Dorms - There are 2 X Small Dorms that each sleep 18 people

Bedding by default is not included in the price unless it is reflected on your quote. Bedding can be hired and in the summer months consists of a pillow and a duvet/conforter and in the winter consists of a pillow, duvet/comforter and blanket.

Valley View Campsite Layout:

Camp Zenith Valley View Layout

Rooms at Camp Zenith Hillside Haven

Hillside Haven

Hillside Haven is a beautiful campsite nested on a hill side. It consists of 16 rooms and the number of beds per room varies but in total Hillside Haven sleeps maximum 70. It is equipted with a hall, 3 loungs, 2 ablutions, campfire area, wash up area, kitchen and dining area. This makes it an ideal venue for small self-catered groups.

One of Hillside Havens alternative uses is for large groups who book out Valley View and Hillside Haven. Hillside Haven's hall can double as a large dormitory creating room for an extra 50 beds. This means that a large group can fit 120 people in Hillside Haven and 200 in Valley View without being over crowded.

Hillside Haven Campsite Layout:

Camp Zenith's Dining Hall


Exclusive Use of Camp Zenith (Valley View and Hillside Haven)

Because Camp Zenith can host up to 300 guests it is not possible to book out the whole site for 1 small group. Here is a guide on the minimum numbers booking for exclusive use:
  • For Hillside Haven Exclusive Use: Minimum 20. Hillside Haven is not condusive to sharing
  • For Valley View Exclusive Use: Minimum 100. Valley View is large enough and has enough facilities for 2 small groups to share and not at all disturb each other
  • For Exclusive use of Camp Zenith (Both Valley View and Hillside Haven): Minimum 120