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zenith: /ˈzɛnɪθ/

noun: zenith; plural noun: zeniths

  1. 1.the time at which something is most powerful or successful.





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What Sets Us Apart?

Located in the majestic hills, Camp Zenith offers unbeatable views; and is well-equipped with all the facilities that you could need for a comfortable stay, including a large pool, and a variety of outdoor activities.  But the real draw of Camp Zenith is its serene atmosphere.  The peaceful environment allows for a relaxed and stress-free experience, perfect for reconnecting with God, building team unity, or just simply disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  Camp Zenith is no ordinary campsite – it’s a haven of peace and tranquility.

Andrew Gunn – Director


Onsite Facilitation

Utilizing our facilitation service for your camp can be a great way to provide an organised programme, as well as bring expertise and knowledge to the camp, helping to ensure an unforgettable and enriching experience for all campers.


Two Separate Venues

While our entire facility can take up to 300 people, the facility is also divided into two venues. The venues are about 500m apart which makes it the ideal situation for separating girls and boys at night, or even two different groups.Camp Zenith offers 2 camp villages.  For smaller groups, this allows for your own unshared space.  For larger groups, this allows for logistical separations and allocations according to your requirements.


Delicious Food

Great-tasting meals are a huge part of any successful camp.  We take great pride in providing delicious, nutritious food, where each meal is a fully-rounded experience, packed with flavour, texture, and an array of colours, that tantalise the taste buds.

Onsite Facilities

Half Olympic-Size Pool

On a hot day, swimming is the best feeling. The cool, refreshing water’s blissful presence makes for a revitalizing and delightful encounter. In our half-olympic-sized pool, there is plenty of room to wander around and be entertained for hours.

Obstacle Course

Our obstacle course is set amidst some towering eucalyptus trees and includes everything you have come to love and expect from an obstacle course. From tyre swings to tall monkey bars. From giant pits to rope walking.

Hiking Trail

A wonderful way to spend time outside and in nature is to go hiking. Offering a short hike or you can take the longer path and have a more scenic journey. The hike up the mountain boasts fresh air and stunning views.

Indoor Sports Hall

Come rain or shine, our large sports hall allows for groups to play a variety of sports indoors. Play indoor soccer, cricket, volleyball or basketball in our sports hall. It also doubles as a meeting venue for large groups.

Prayer Garden

A beautiful and serene short walk up one of our small koppies that provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy tranquility whilst praying.  With the sounds of birds constantly singing, the prayer garden is a beautiful and peaceful place to reflect and connect.

Comfortable Accommodation

Camp Zenith can comfortably accommodate up to 300 people.  Our accommodation consists of chalets, rondavels, houses, rooms and dormitories.  Most of the accommodation has ensuite bathrooms.  Our beds are comfortable for a good night’s rest to encourage eventful days.

Luxury Leaders House

Our latest feature at Camp Zenith is our Luxury Leader’s House.   This is the perfect unit for teachers or pastors who want that little extra comfort.  It includes bedding, crockery, small kitchen, lounge and a private garden complete with a porch and firepit.

Meeting Halls

Need a meeting space?  Camp Zenith has 5 halls and 4 smaller meeting rooms.  Larger groups can reserve the entire facility and utilise each of these venues. Smaller groups are each allocated a meeting and dining space.  Each venue has electricity and close-by restroom facilities.


No one can deny the importance of good food on camp.  Keeping those tummies full and taste buds happy is a passion of the catering team at Camp Zenith.  The food at Camp Zenith is lovingly prepared by our seasoned chefs using fresh ingredients to bring you the tastiest meals.

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We also understand that some clients prefer to cater for themselves, and for this reason we have a self-catered option as well.





Facilitation and Activities

While Camp Zenith has a great multitude of onsite facilities and activities for you to enjoy freely during your visit, we offer some additional specialised activities on facilitated camps for those who want that little something extra.

Sandile, who leads up our facilitation team, can lead your groups through an assortment of activities designed to meet your set camp outcomes. Camp facilitation can be tailored towards a specific outcome your camp is set out to achieve.

Camp Zenith Camp Outcomes: Leadership, unity, teamwork, fun, outdoor education, study camps, eco awareness
Camp Zenith Camp Outcomes: Leadership, unity, teamwork, fun, outdoor education, study camps, eco awareness
Self Facilitated

Running your own camp can be a lot of fun as well as help to reach your organisations specific outcomes. We welcome you to do so. Should you choose This option you are free to use any of the onsite facilities mentioned alongside to include in your program.


While running your own camp can be fun, it can also be complex hard work. Which is why we offer the services of our experienced fun-making facilitation team to run your camp. From the planning to the execution to the debriefing, we have it all covered.

Download our activity list!

I​​f you choose to use our experienced facilitation team, not only do they make use of the onsite facilities, but they design your program to include some of these activities to meet your desired outcomes.

Onsite Activities

Half Olympic size swimming pool

Giant Chess

Putt Putt

Gaga Pit

Human Foosball

Pool Table

Foosball Table



Sports fields

Obstacle Course

Sports Hall

Meeting Venues

Bon Fire

Giant Naughts and Crosses



Enjoy some of our favourite pics taken at Camp Zenith



The place to be when you’re tired of the fast life.

Google – 28 December 2022


The facilitator Sandile was very professional and very good with kids. The learners really enjoyed being there. The staff was so welcoming.

Google – 25 November 2022


Really Enjoyable being at Camp Zenith. The kids had a good time while learning valuable lessons.
Sandile did a great job👍

Google – 23 November 2022


I enjoyed a lot when doing outdoors activities the play area and the pool was 👍 beautiful 😍

Google – 20 November 2022

On Camp Zenith we are working to produce our own produce and later to sell to the market too.  We are a new working farm and we are excited for this new venture.

Farm Update

Management Team

Sandile Ndlovu
Facilitation Manager
Christine Slabbert
Catering & Housekeeping Manager
Bennie Slabbert
Maintenance Manager

Camp News

COMING SOON. Stay up to date for all the latest news at Camp Zenith from our blog.  In addition there will be articles filled with tips and tricks to improve your camp.

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